P.O. Box 356
Red Oak, Texas   75154


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First Tuesday of the Month   

 Dinner at 6:15 p.m.

Meeting at 7:00 p.m.

Meet at: Waxahachie 90
303 John Arden Drive
Waxahachie, TX 75165

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Red Oak Lodge #461
Honored to have

Past Grand Master
Jerry Nelson Kirby

as a Past Master of our Lodge

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A Mason is a Man who professes a faith in God as a Man of Faith.  He uses the tools of Moral and ethical truths to serve mankind.

A Mason binds himself to like-minded men in a brotherhood that trancends all religious, ethinic social, cultural, and educational differences.

In fellowshi with his Brothers, a Mason finds ways in which to serve his God, his family, his fellow man, and his country.

A Mason is dedicged.  He recognizes his responsibility for justice, truth, clarity, enlightenment, freedom, liberty, honesty and integrity in all aspects of human endeavor.

A Mason is all this an more.

The Grand Lodge of Texas (Membership Committee)


Senior Warden Thomas Speigener

The Senior Warden, is second in command, he will usually replace the Worshipful Master at the end of his one year term.  The Senior Warden  leads in the absence of the master

Junior Warden Ryan Morton

Like to the Senior Warden, he will someday be the Master of the Lodge.  He is in training to that end.  During his one year term, he learns the Constitution and Laws of the Masons.

Bell's Chapel Cemetery

Bell Chapel Rd. off FM 813, Rockett Community, TX, USA

Chartered in 1876, the Red Oak Masonic Lodge No. 461, held their early meetings in a 2-story chapel and hall they helped build on land donated to the Methodist Episcopal Church South on Dec. 27, 1875, by local landowners John and Elizabeth Gibbons. The church and cemetery were named in honor of confederate war veteran Jodie M. Bell, a church and civic leader in the Rockett Community, and first person to be buried in the cemetery in 1877.  The lodge moved to Red Oak in 1894.
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First Red Oak Masonic Lodge

In Masonry, the Worshipful Master or Master of the Lodge is the leader of the Lodge.  Much like a president of a company.  He is NOT revered, but he is expected to direct the men.

Lodge Master Billy Prewitt